unhinged by ee_cummings

don't get me wrong oblivion
I never loved you kiddo
you that was always sticking around
(right justified)spoiling me for everyone else
telling me how it would make
you nutty if I didn't let you
go the distance
(left justified)and I gave you my breasts to feel
didn't I
and my mouth to kiss

O I was too good to you oblivion old kid that's all
and when I might have told you
(r.j.) to go ahead and croak yourselflike
you was always threatening you was
going to do
I didn't
I said go on inter-
est me
I let you hang around
and whimper
(l.j.)and I've been getting mine

there's a fellow I love like I never loved anyone else that's six foot two tall with a face any girl would die to kiss and a skin like a little kitten's
that's asked me to go to Murray's tonight with him and see the cabaret and dance you know
if he asks me to take another I'm going to and if he asks me to take another after that I'm going to do that and if he puts me into a taxi and tells the driver to take her easy and steer for the morning I'm going to let him and if he starts in right away putting it to me in the cab
I'm not going to whisper
do you get me
not that I'm tired of automats and Childs's and handing out ribbion to old ladies that ain't got three teeth and being followed home by pimps and stewed guys and sleeping lonely in a whitewashed room three thousand below Zero oh no
I could stand that
but it's that I'm O Gawd how tired
(r.j.)of seeing the white face of you and
feeling the old hands of you and
being teased and jollied about you
and being prayed and implored and
bribed and threatened
(l.j.)to give you my beautiful white body
that's why

(it's so hard to put ee_cummings up on blather when blather ignores your stinking spaces)
Seraphmodel02 Hey dude, you we're my first really good friend, and sometimes even now i feel guilty about all that I did that hurt you, I've made my apologies and you've so gracefully accepted them, but I still regret horribly the way I deserted you. I'm always in your debt, thanks for forgiving me friend, brother. 060921
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