misstree i remember when, back in the day, people used to have the common courtesy to have a big thing in all caps saying THIS IS A SPOILER! DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE OR THAT COMIC OR THE OTHER TV SHOW. followed by a ton of asterisks to space things down, because these were email lists, and even an unwitting glance to the bottom could drive a spike into the brain.

common courtesy fades. but that's okay. deep breath in, growl it out. you never fucking get to see movies anyhow. what does it matter if people go BABBLING ABOUT THE ENDINGS ON UNRELATED PAGES. not at all. it's not like the time that your best friend told you about the end of sixth_sense in the course of trying to get you to see it. i mean, you probably used up all your karma when every one of your friends managed to keep their mouths shut about tolkien around you until you saw the movies (bless each and every one of their black little hearts). and it's not like your flavorite way to go into a movie is absolutely blind, not even having seen a preview. some people just have a compulsion to flap their lips at inappropriate moments. it's not their fault they're jackasses that need to rot in hell.

harrumph. this moment of absolute bitterness is brought to you by saying_goodbye and lost_in_translation. i really don't want anyone to rot in hell. it just hit one of my pet peeves (read: irrational fucking hatreds), and i needed to vent. thankyouverymuch.
a> *cowers*
actually appalled at myself as it's something I can't stand either.
really is sorry.
porcelain_puppet try a fucking movie message board

delial I feel it miss.
i was unable to avoid spoiling of harry potter, a few video game storylines, donnie darko, and a few others.

it's not so much that the movie is ruined but the fact that a person feels the need to show off their knowledge of the movie so much so they can't let a person enjoy it who has not SEEN it.

luckily lotr:rotk has yet to be spoiled for me...but i saw someone's LJ icon and i think it may have ruined part for me.... :/

blindfolds and earplugs now on for me, when it comes to any sort of entertainment related forum. but sometimes you can't avoid spoilers leaking into other parts of your life... like blather...or people talking behind you in the movie theater(ARRRGH)
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