Quilk Ok, stop slinging the arrows.

Ouch! Stop, dammit!

I admit I'm a hopeless pedantic sitting home alone and almost totally bored on a Saturday night.

Blather is my only companion, and it's never been known to cuddle, read or listen to poetry, kiss, or do anything beyond that. It certainly will not, dressed in no more than but a possibly oversized teeshirt, gladly, smilingly, and eagerly bring me my first cup of coffee later this morning (it's already tomorrow where I am). And I certainly would not, if I would bother to be dressed in kind, do anything like that for blather.

Blather has it's hot spots, but deep down it's just another Saturday night substitute for real excitement and possible warmth. Sorry, blather, but you are unavoidably nothing but a dud.

Back to the issue at hand, is there a disease called "pedanticism"?

If there is, I have it.

But rest assured it is not a STD.

It's caused by a brain, not a virus, mycoplasm, bacterium or fungus. Not even a broken bone.

All my bones work very well, thank you.
I check often.

I do think, though, pedanticism is considered a disability to increase your chances of getting a grant from the DOA, DOC, DOE, NBS, NEA, NIH, NOAA, or NSF to support your inmportant work - and, believe me, it is extremely important.

Remember, even the Nobel Committee and MacArthur Foundation give you points for the disease.

Maybe even the New York Times, New Yorker and New York Review of Books do so.

The "popular" media though, like ABC, Fox, David Letterman, CBS - oh, one exception might be "so you want to be a millionaire" - do not think it's cool to suffer from pedanticism, so they take points off.

All they want are young, nubile or nubilely attractive, pliable, preferably apparently significantly othered heterosexuals (no bi-curious or homosexuals need apply).

The fact is that pedantics (like me and, if you've read this far, probably you), even if they match the other criteria of the greedy, right-wing "popular" media, have trouble remaining significantly othered.

The "popular" media don't want their subjects (or is it objects?) suffering from pedanticism. Pedantics aren't very good at selling cars, viagra, beer, Kentucky Fried Chicken, AOL subscriptions, or eToys toys.

Too bad, I'm a pedantic.

I have a blanket or two, a coffee bean grinder, filter-holder, filters and beans ("Mind, Body & Soul" from Equal Exchange).

What's a Saturday night?

No non-pedantics need apply.
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poet so what if i am?

challenge your fucking mind for once... or just stop talking, and hell you may as well stop thinking

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