unhinged just cause it sounds good
tonality denied
it's inevitable outcome
for the sake of timbre
macrocosmic spectralism

E7 + 4-3 SUS
CM7 + M7

or layers of
dm + EM = one of those weird middle eastern scales:

d - e - f - g# - a - b
with open fifth d-a and e-b which i guess you could say is:

i - V7/V but no resolution to the V
rather than progressive

D7 + CM

unhinged sorry for the musical ramblings of late. i'm just trying to nail down the vague notions swimming around in my head. 050929
god i dig it. i always think of a major seventh as interchangeable for that thing in middle eastern music when they drop down a half step from the root note. i wish i knew their terminology, but i can't read arabic. 050930
not god p.s.
"just cause it sounds good"

the only rule to follow.
unhinged seventh chords really are my favorite. i could sit at the piano for hours messing around with them. that's how i came up with that first progression.

i had to take an advanced ear training class in grad_school because i failed that part of my diagnostic test due to a hangover (my ears don't work so great when they are full of alcohol) and one day we were doing seventh chords. quality of the chord + quality of the seventh...blahblahfuckingblah. me and the kid that sat next to each other had a little competition going to see who got more right. i got like 9/10 of the seventh chords right and he looked at me, being the pretend jazzer that he was, and said 'how'd you do that?' with a hint of awe. good old jt; i preferred to think of his arrogance as ignorance. heh
unhinged yeah, i don't know much about world music. that's kind of embarassing actually. 050930
Mr. ~ Reality abounds in ~. 080109
epitome of incomprehensibility I tried to hum the above things, but only got a vague idea... still, it sounds interesting. I'm doing a minor in music along with my creative writing stuff (minor in music--catalyst for bad puns, repeated humming of minor triads etc.) and I've taken first-year harmony and counterpoint so far. The advanced classes must go into nitpicky detail... still, it sounds fascinating to me.

(I like mixing whole-tone scales with major-scale jazzy sorts of melodies. I was trying something like that on the piano recently.)
unhinged CM/M7

my brother's song. i think i might record it for him for his birthday.
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