the void Love is a fallacy
Love is nothing more than an emotion created in the heart, or the mind, to describe something truly indescribable. Love is a form of religion Religion has no one definition, but is a combination of many different ideas and ideals. Love, like religion, is a combination of 5 primary emotions: Physical Attraction, Lust, Adoration, Appreciation, and Respect. With out anyone of these emotions, mainly the last three, one can not begin to understand the concept of "love".
Some people misconstrue Physical Attraction as love but this is found in more of the pre-teen to early teenage years.
Some people misconstrue Lust as love, but we all know that Lust, like Physical Attraction burns hot and dies fast.
When you first meet someone that you "connect" with, you are either A) Physically or B) Emotionally attracted to that person. But that dies with time, as all wonderful things do.
But after time, you begin to Adore that person you Adore their little mannerisms and so-forth.
Then, when the adoration fades and the Attraction/Lust is gone, you begin to appreciate the fact that there is some person out there that tolerates you.
Then, Respect.

And without Respect you have nothing.

this is my opinion... nothing more, nothing less.
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Little lost Riding hood It draws you in, then spits you out.
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wingedSerpent it's a sick, sad joke.

"it's a crime if anything"
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