minnesota_chris Today there was a new guy leader in our liberal church. He said that he wanted to teach us, and have us teach him as well.

This is what liberal teacher-types say. I will teach you, and in return, you will teach me.

In the olden days, a teacher / pastor / leader would never say he was going to learn from us. He would just preside, and maybe he would be affected by us, maybe not. Now, the liberal leaders rule us, and all the while say that they are learning from us, that we are affecting them.

I think the best type of leader makes no promises about learning from us, but ends up being changed through the process. And the worst kind is the one who says they will learn from the flock, but neither learns nor really has any intention of learning. That's just manipulation.
minnesota_chris It's funny, before it was white men who would be the leaders. Now it's women who claw their way to the top of these liberal organizations (my liberal churches, and school districts too)

And it's not the women I mind, nor the clawing. It's the hierarchy that I mind.
dafremen Leaders
(Your People Are Crying)

Rode a bus across the country
to see this land that I love
Along the way I saw many
Faces, faces
A weariness upon them all.

At a pit stop just outside of Tulsa
I heard a man begin to pray
He said, "Lord please lift me up I'm
Drownin, drownin
Or help me find a way."

(Hey politicians!)

Ohhh woah woah oh oh
Can't you hear your people cryin?
Woah oh oh oh oh
[repeat once]

Then I met a trucker up from Lubbock
He turned out to be good company
He said he lost his son for
Freedom, freedom
Then he lost his farm 'cause you don't get nothin' free.


He regaled me with the wonders
of this mighty land
Spoke with pride and a tear in his eye
of his son who served
He was a good man of
Honor, honor
A much better man
than the leaders here deserve.

[repeat CHORUS twice]
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