stork daddy jens was on probation but that wasn't slowing him down. (He had claimed he sold weed to support his coke habit and not the other way around, so he'd get off a little easier - it had worked largely because the coke had yet to be divided up). jens was talking a little drunkly and close to johnny's face as jens tended to do drunk or sober. "with money, you don't fuck around, that's why people use guns. but i've got a rule that beats that rule, you don't fuck around with guns. don't take your guns to town son" he said qouting his dad who was qouting Johnny Cash who was qouting someone who probably got shot. "You're pulling in 4000 a week and you're getting into other people's customers, or at the very least you're crossing people who protected you and putting them off of payroll" "Yeah, but they know me, they know i won't shoot them, they know if they beat me and my boys up, they can have it, they can have it all. and they also know if they try to take the easy way out, i know how to use a gun, much better than they do." They were driving to Turlock to pick up some brazilian weed from their contact. then it'd be back downtown for the coke. lately they were into prescription pills, which they sold to strippers and fighters johnny knew from when he wrestled. jens always stressed his three rules of thumb for women and prescription drugs "painkillers, dieuretics, and pills with sexual side effects" 040511
jana Jens,
i don`t know if i can stand more wasted years with wasted thoughts of the wasted love inside of me
maybe my hope is getting too high again, maybe my heart gives too much again
maybe i don`t trust you enough again you and this possible miracle
maybe i should know myself before demanding any understanding of you
maybe i simply should let go and see what happens
that`s the thing I probably am not able to do right now
with that mixture of hope, yearning, butterflies, fear of being hurt once more and all those unsatisfied wishes inside of me
my name it means nothing has his music going through my mind.

jens_LEKMAN that is.
what's it to you?
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