frAnk let's say birdmad is the name of a band and you are the frontman. you write the lyrics, compose the melodies, design the cover art of the cd.

what musical genre would i find your cd in?

what is the name of your cd and what is on the cover? do you include the lyrics on the inside? do you use fotos on the inside? if so, what are they?

who would be in your band?
did you sign with a major label or are you selling them out of the trunk of your car? are you playing large venues, small theatres, or tiny clubs?

when i buy a birdmd t-shirt, what does it look like? what does it say on it?

list the titles of the tracks and if possible the lyrics of one or more of the songs.
birdmad ouch!
a tough one.
i'll definitely need some time to ponder that one

so many possibilities
birdmad CD Title: "Critical Sunday Mass"
( joke reference to my fascination with my catholic upbringing and my latent fascination with nuclear testing)

[to be continued....]
birdmad first track, an instrumental with starting off with a thirty-second sax layered, overdubbed and played in reverse at the wrong speedimprov solo before mutating into some thouroughly aphex_twin influenced sounds

i'd call that one "astral lane crash"
birdmad major labels wouldn't touch me because i woud attempt to bend genres to the same degree that Bowie bent gender in the 70's

(on that note i would hide a cover of "the man who sold the world" somewhere on the disc)

i would find some musicians
who were more dedicated to the concept of music as art than any more of the thiundering morons i have played with before who haven't outgrown their teenage metal-god fantasy and have the nasty habit of mispronouncing the word "genre" to sound like "jenner"

or maybe i would play along the lines of (perhaps my own indulgent delusion) trent reznor and basically do my own thing, recruiting a few interested parties to assist the proceedings allowing me the freedom to run from genre to genre without thinking twice about it

on at least one track, i would compose something very minimalist and let blather-jennifer talk over it
(if you've ever heard her voice on one of the wav files she's left a link to around here somewhere, you'd know why)

as for lyrics, i would hope to find a collaborator as my attempts at lyricism come across as either pretentious or juvenile depending on the day

(none of my few good poems adapt welll to song structure suchas i know it)
god where can i get one of those t-shirts? 030611
what's it to you?
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