fairydust For some alone, for others with the one they love. We wept beside the broken sands when she left for the jungle from which she had come.She left us with fading memories of sunshine and glitter in the moonglow as always. 000410
badpig a nice, quiet space. 000509
typhoid more real than not
more fresh than taught
more smooth than silk
more white than milk

and the butter_nut_squash dance through the open window
falldownlaughoutlouddrunkgirl me not doing my homework
me spending a shitload of time online
me being obsessed with loud music
me loving to laugh
me being angry when people question me
not working up to my "full potential"
for fear of what that might be.

And what's wrong with all of that?
twiggie nothing, nothing at all. 001224
guitar_freak Picture: little white sand crystals that make up a beautiful beach. Laying around and staring up into the sky. Of course, the sky has a swirl of colors and maybe some bright stars watching over you. There are tall trees swaying in the warm breezy atmosphere. Alone yet comforted by nature. Enjoy 001225
tyler waters getting away from the problem at hand
if you ask me, most of the world suffers from this.. well, i'm not sure about "most of the world" but in north america it is quite evident

let's see...
drugs [heroin, coke, crack gib even our friend mary-jane is]
LOVE (ha, that's right i said it) REALITY TV.. extreme sports!
hmm video games...
yea there's more,
but that sums it up for me

the problem at hand: the world cannot handle infinate growth which the predominant monitary system DEMANDS (fuck you capitalism, fuck you up the ass)
goatse haha lame 040413
no reason it's hard not to want to get away when everyone is so critical 121213
n o m i read the news sometimes to forget my pain 121213
what's it to you?
who go