Bill Sex gets better with age.
Age gets better with wine.
Ergo: Sex gets better with wine.
WoNDERGIRL what profound syllogism 000521
a daemonibus docetur futue ergo sum

(if i've got the tense right... i fuck, therefore i am)

why be profound when i can simply be vulgar and direct
valis ergonomic (n): contoured to fit one's logic 000522
valis hey, wait, that's an (adj). god, it's late. 000522
etoiles i henceforth apologize for any inconveniences suffered as a result of this converstion
ergo pense ergo etre, that's the francolatin way.
it would be could if they said summa-cum-laude as SOME COME LOUD.
(make some fucking sense goddamnit)
you have the right to know that i will not even reply to such a hilariously erroneous statement
you have the right to know i'd rather be some random swerving than a cog in some giant machine
you have the right to know that last night i went 110 miles per hour. and never felt more alive.
anything you say can and will most assuredly be laughed at and later shown to others at a hilarious party where we shall dine on watercress and vischishoi.
except we spell it properly.
(would you actually talk and make it clear what you did and didn't do instead of prattling alone in in this sort of way that makes me have to guess at everything?)
(*alone, not along)
i have the right to know why you say such things
and act as if what i've done is of any interest to you.
you have the right to know that if you don't lean into turns, you skid out.
and you have the right to know - that's where the real trouble starts
and you have the right to know that it's pants *then* shoes.
- ergo: helmet *then* glasses
delial I hate this word more than any other in the english_language. 030901
etoiles note: ergo is not english.

just brought to you by your friendly neighborhood star.
that aside: i find myself growing less and less fond of it all the time.
oldephebe well american english is an amorphous amalgam and hurly burly hodge podge in forever flux..were would it be without it's latinate origins..or most other western languages as well, bu ah english is distinctly a construct constanly being added to, vital, partly because of our porous borders, partly because of our well intentioned heteroganaeity, each immigrant or ethnic extract has added thier uniqueness to the language. Each new generation of youths and industries and cultural progression breathes it's dynamic into these staid pages, english a language unbound..

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