florescent light So, I'm here.

And I went out tonight, and had a good time- surprisingly, because I had to drag myself out of the house.
I only went because I said I'd be there, and I like to keep my word.
But I had fun.

I also came to realize that a lot of people bore me.
People just talk about the same stuff.
And all these guys who seem like they might be interested in me - they are all generic. Generic people talking about generic things.
Or maybe I'm just too picky.
But it feels too much like work.
Maybe that's why I get along with Ed so well. He's one of the most unexciting people you'll ever meet- but everything he talks about is meaningful.
He talks about only things that mean something to him, and maybe I am able to pick up on that.
He doesn't use talk as a filler.
And maybe that's important-
so the moral of my Wed night out is, don't talk unless you really have something to say, and the world will be a better place for you and for me.
mikey i agree. but some people are boring themselves and cant express their thoughts. and i hate wanting to talk about anything under the sun and the one im talking to is silent. 010315
unhinged always ruin it when you open your mouth 010315
Dafremen See ALSO:

Chris aka Christ without the cross Yeah people talk about the same stuff, and its pretty obvious that the generic things would be the things that people talk about as a way of hiding all the other things they don't want you to know. Don't want you to see how isecure they are, how uncomfortable, how clueless they are inside. We hide things with the generic. There is a certain line people don't cross. It all has to do with vulnerability.

Could we say what really was going on? Could we really say what was on our mind? Could we tell the truth about ouselves? Could we say to ourselves as well as another? Of course most people might not want to hear that shit. But it does provide variety. It is a change. Radical honesty. Meaningful conversation.

Why don't we cross that line. If we can't then don't talk. I am sick and tired of the meaningless shit.
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