silentbob has anyone ever been to www.dirtyboy.org?
It isn't up anymore, i know you all wanted to try it out.
But it used to be this site and it was just writings and writings and writings these people put up by this guy they called dirtyboy.
Eventually, i guess, they lost contact with dirtyboy and they always wondered if he was really like he described in his writings or if he was just a fake. but i wish the site was still up.
i posted a thing under " retards " that he wrote. i miss that site.
silentbob Old People
Thereís something very engrossing about watching old people. Maybe itís the way they walk, or how easy it is to trip them. Or maybe itís the knowledge that they are gonna die soon.

Maybe itís because they all sort of look like Yoda, or that they never seem to know whatís going on, or maybe itís how slow they drive their BIG SHINY CARS.

Or maybe, itís none of that. Maybe I look at them and I can see the wisdom from the years. Maybe I see the sorrows past, the joys held close, memories held dear- the resilience developed over the years, the lives theyíve watched start, the friends theyíve seen leave. The paths theyíve taken and blazed for us- maybe I see a life full of doing, and surviving. And maybe that intrigues me.

But itís probably the thing about dying soon.

dirty boy is back

silentbob Bacon
"The question isn't whether or not she likes bacon," I said to myself with a plate full of bacon at the buffet, her eyes fixed sideways on me. I like bacon, and from looking at the bounty on my plate, I'm sure she's fully aware that I do. In fact, I love it.

"The question is, does she like danger?" Because only someone with no regard for their health or safety would be eating this much fried pork. I like danger, almost as much as I like bacon. So I went back to the buffet, for seconds of both.
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