pansy s.m.s. - save my soul 040625
hate the love Ring Ring Hi how are you
another voice wanted something
again and again Ring Ring
No chord no wires
just the freedom to be tied down
the people calling questioning
the cell phone runs the life
your always on call
freedom to call friends
friends that arent there
i pay to be invaded every day
I pay for this cell phone
that i hate hate
IED around_and_across Iraq 050424
cellophone add_one_letter 050424
2 hours ago Rebels improve bomb schemes in Iraq

sad_bitch what's up with kids and cell phones?
i understand that we live in the age of information and the benefits of staying "connected", but somehow the idea of a kid age 10 and his cell phone scares the shit out of me. it seems more like the powers of consumerism have been engaged one more time.

happy cows, happy cows.
mj15 kidswithcellphones:
1) don'tgetlostinsupermarkets
2) findrideshomefromschool
3) responsibility/freedom
4) 911 for 25 cents per month
sad_bitch Well, yeah, itís like I said before, I do understand the benefits of staying connected and I know that sometimes having a cell phone on you can even save your life.
However, my beef is directed at the way in which society is being marketed to. The idea that a child feels they ďneedĒ a cell phone is nothing less than alarming.

Really, cell phones are not a necessity as much as they are a commodity to a society who has become stupefied with useless luxuries. Thus, we donít NEED them and they are NOT essential to our survival as much as clean water and health care are, the latter of which is not existent in the U.S Ė but thatís ok, I can call all my friends and tell them how fucking sick I am.

mj15: I donít think this a an issue of freedom and/or responsibility as much as it is an issue of social change. I mean, what the fuck! Are kids subjected to feel alienated because their parents canít afford to buy them a cell phone? And although this kind of issues have always existed - one more doesnít help.

Cell phones are just one more product being shoved down our - throats and our kidsí throats, only so that some already rich motherfucker can get richer.

will never be a happy cow.
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