kookaburra I do have body issues,
but not the usual ones.
I wish to be bigger.
Im going to go on a diet.
But in reverse from the usual one, I shall find many high cal foods and eat them everyday.
dosquatch I'll trade you problems. 040429
sixstop check your family for heart problem then try a protien heavy diet instead. 040429
kookaburra awwww, protein's for wussies!
I Want My Honey Buns Now!!!!!!!!!!!
my name it means nothin I recently realized something I'd never thought of before.

Where does the standard of a flat stomach come from?

Is there ANY reason that that is viewed as beautiful or healthy? In photos (modern or older) of people who aren't westernized, are rural, "traditional", some would say primitive (I wouldn't)...well in those pictures the people aren't usually thin. Usually they have bellies, and all the rest. So why is our image of healthy and attractive not like that? I mean in terms of myself, I don't really think I'm bad-looking just due to my stomach. Objectively, I don't care, unless I think about "society."
Not to say I have no problems with "body_image" but I don't think there's any foundation for the perfectly flat stomach standard. Is this obvious? Am I wrong?
unhinged i'm not sure where the flat stomach thing came from but up until relatively recently in human history, it was actually a good thing societally to be fat. being fat was a visible extension of being rich. rich enough to afford food all year long and also to afford to pay someone else to produce your food for you i.e. you didn't have to do any of the heavy labor yourself that would make you skinny/trim.

to a degree, being skinny is a matter of genetics. even if i was as skinny as my genes would allow me to be ( *shakeshead* at bad pun), i wouldn't be as skinny as a supermodel. it's genetically impossible for me.

but after a little over a year of being a vegetarian and doing yoga somewhat regularly, i think i look pretty damn good. and i feel good too. yeah, i guess my stomach could be a little flatter, but mostly i want my stomach to be stronger so i can do more of those cool yoga poses that you need a strong tummy for. and a flatter/stronger tummy helps relieve back and posture problems. as long as you feel healthy, that's the most important.
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