unhinged scordatura, the king of

heinrich ignaz von biber
bach's precursor in
german baroque lutheran church composers that wrote really kick ass violin music
but biber
was primarily a violinist
whereas bach only started out as one
and got more preoccupied
with more churchy things

he is one of my favorite violin composers of all time; gotta spread the word. not too many people are hip to biber. he got lost in bach's shadow. even though he was the best violinist of his time according to contemporary accounts.

play biber

is a baroque loser
Floptolemy O.K. lady, you aren't a "baroque loser". If I am not a "baroque loser" then you cannot be one either. 061102
Pto And I will try and check him out more thoroughly. 061102
Floptolemy Suggestions? 061102
unhinged the 'rosary' or 'mystery' sonatas for accompanied violin

they go by either title. it is a collection of 15 programmatic sonatas based on the stations of the cross. there is a 16th unaccompanied passacaglia in the set that is a lament on the life and death of christ. I LOVE THAT ONE. i play it semi regularly. you might even be able to find baroque recordings where the violinist is playing the scordatura. in fact, i think you will only find baroque recordings. early music people are the only ones that tend to know about biber.
unhinged revelation

biber was sonorous in a way bach could never be. bach was preoccupied with the compositional process. biber wanted to write stuff that would sound good on the violin.
Pto I, too, like period instrumentality. And thanks for the suggestions! It may take me a while to get to them but I'll get back to you, uH. 061103
unhinged last summer when i was practicing regularly at home for my symphony audition, i left for work in a hurry without realizing my music pocket wasn't zipped. some kid chased me down at the busstop and handed me all my originals but said all the photocopied pages were blowing all over the neighborhood. i was glad to get the pieces back cause i needed one of them for the audition but my copy of that biber lament was lost with the other drunken flotsam in that neighborhood. some drunk asshole probably used it to wipe their ass. i've since moved on to the funerary violin music. but now that i think of it, i would sure love to have a copy of that piece again. 090813
unhinged i finally ordered a second copy of the sheetmusic for the lament. i can't wait til the mail comes

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