The Fourth Fury My friends get scared when I become angry, because when I become angry I become very, very polytheistic.

For instance, I was driving my new car one night, with two friends as passengers. Someone rear-ended me and I became furious. My face became red and I pounded my fists upon the wheel and I yelled, a tremendous forte, "TEN MILLION GODDESSES!"

My friends knew I meant that, and my friends, monotheists, were overwhelmed and intimidated.

"Are you OK, Gugu?" asked Charnop languidly.

"NO!" boomed I, as I exited the car and stormed toward the offending driver (now outside his car also). I must have really rushed at him with fury in my eyes, because he backed up a bit and seemed edgy.

"Are you aware," I began, my voice dripping with acid, "that The_Nine_Gods_of_Smupumundup are in transit to Glenden's_Hloptibop?"

"Uh," stammered the frighted bad driver, "no..."

"No?" I asked staring him down. "Well, you'd better GET aware, you shitty driver, because when The_Nine_Gods_of_Smupumundup get to Glenden's_Hloptibop, we will have fair winds from the south, and the time will be right to eschew_obfuscation."

The offending driver asked if I wanted his insurance information, but I was vehemently opposed to his vile attempt to weasel out of this conversation.

"If I had wanted to talk insurance," I jeered, "I would have rear-ended YOU."

"Look, I'm really sorry," he said.

"Buster, it's not me you need to feel sorry about. It's you, if you don't get your act together and keep an eye on the transit of The_Nine_Gods_of_Smupumundup. Comprende?"

"No, no comprende," the man said, writing down his information and handing it to me as I unleashed my wrathful polytheistic blather upon him.

Eventually my friends calmed me down, and the situation resolved peacefully enough, but even now as I think back upon it, my blood begins to boil, and I am reminded of The_Sixty_One_Goddesses_of_Silivliptimiti.
Spelling Aesthetician "Angriness" seems like it should retain the 'y' and not switch to 'i' : Angryness. Changing 'y' to 'i' seems effete, and somewhat silly.

Also, the word would seem much more forceful with an 'nzg' at either end.

Thus, our finished product:


See what I mean? Man, I should get a job doing this. Somebody come pay me to do this. Torpor needs a few 'h's.
unhinged i wish my anger had that many objects; usually it is just this random whirlwind that sucks up everything good inside of me. 070418
Ditto "this is MY train. GET OFF" 070419
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