hotmatty spelled backwards is abba 980819
[marissa] oh it's the palindrome syndrome!


ha. i think i should stop now.
Lisa where i work as a bumbling waitress 990513
emma what my sister's jewish friends call their fathers.

i am not jewish.
MollyGoLightly you can dance
yo-ou can ji-ive
hav-ing the time of your li-i-ife...
Brad oddly appealing. Funny how scandanavian girls can do that. 000520
birdmad eep.

everytime i think of abba, i think of that scene in "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" where the young drag queen explains to the old drag queen exactly what is in the little jar-pendant he carries around with him
...something Agnetha left behind...

to which the old drag queen (Terrance_Stamp) responds "you're telling me that's an abba-turd?!?!"
MollyGoLightly Holy shit, bird. I was going to put something about that on this entry. That movie was my bible for the longest time...
"No more bloody fucking Abba!"
BirdGoneMad i didn't think i would like that movie, but one morning, ages ago, it was 3 am and i had just wrecked my car the night before s i sat up and watched it...and it fucking rocks 000520
MollyGoAbba I've heard that it comes on Australian television at least once a day, every day. I can't wait to move there in the spring... 000520
stacey everytime i think of abba i think of jew...(no im not racist!!)(or religionist!) 020704
Kate My mother broke out the Abba "Definitive Collection" cd, that found it's way into her car. It's actually my dad's cd, but then I usurped it from him, and then my mom somehow took it from me. As we drove to my uncle's house for our family 4th of July picnic, my mom and I sang along to Abba in the car, and my mom told me about how I was lucky that she was letting me go to the concert because she didn't go see Peter, Paul, and Mary at Blossom until she was in college. 020705
the un-bjorn take_a_chance_on_me 020706
squigglybee dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen!

i like the song 'waterloo' too...
splinken the love you gave me, nothing else can save me, SOS. 030322
IKC 56-80 For me, it's that album of ABBA covers that erasure did.

Again, blame it on my fixation with the 80's.
screwing for virginity how i passed my last chem test.

it accually worked

i was and stilll am amazed
megan Father 030323
god look, abba, kool 030529
white_wave abba zabba my my
lala la lala la
mama mia my my
lala la lala la

(i forgot the rest of the words, i was ten)
dos Again -
Four lines
That rhyme
what's it to you?
who go