dondeestanlosjaguares Awaken in me, a spirit unlike any other. Destroy from within me, any wish to not go on. Like a hopeless romantic under a spell, a fairytale-frog waiting to get kissed by his princess, a puppy jumping up and down wanting to be in the arms of his beloved owner, a bird singing his heart out never breaking the melody, a fire raging and rising to the peak of it's power, a wind silently blowing through the hair of innocent lives and fallen leaves on an autumn day. Of these things and so many more, I set forth to the next level. The new illusions that I have seen and want to realize. I have the unfaltering inspiration, and ultimate goal. My life would have no meaning otherwise. I just wouldn't have any reason to go on if I wasn't walking in this direction. I didn't know that then, but I know that now, and I am correcting my mistakes, and trying to recover for lost time. I only have one path ahead of me now. I only have one thing to work for now. I walk and I run. Sometimes I trip and have to crawl. I never lose sight of what I am trying to do. My eyes keep sight on the ground so I never walk on air, but they have my goal in it's perspective, always.

I guess I have a lot of inspiration right now. . . it sometimes comes to me in moments of extreme trial. When I have to prove more to myself, as opposed to others, what it is that I am doing so that my actions will be my legacy. So anybody who happens to see me, cannot just see what I am doing there and then, but see the big picture.
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