Lemon_Soda You r you and I am me,
and always will it this way be.

One to two two to three,
Not thinking straight is likely the key.

Can't say i know much about words like we,
because you r you and I am me.

can anyone tell me what I mean,
if you could tha'd be so keen.

It doesn't make sense between my ears,
ahead of my eyes, or under my tears.

can you cut yourself and say its right?
Bleed on the carpet and laugh with delight?

Are walls fun to bang up on
when all your sense is completely gone?

A white jacket and some fun pills
is all you need to cure your ills.

it can be fun to live in a pillow,
rooted to place like a strong willow.

this cut is yours, certainly not mine,
just don't lick it, you should be fine.

tie up your hands in the stuff of dreams,
drown out the noise with your own screams.

secrete your unique as far as it will go,
don't drag your dull behind in tow.

drop your mask and look in your eyes,
how long have you been breathing your own lies?

I'm not in your head, nor you in mine
so who keeps yelling my next line?

I'll crack it open and scoop out my think,
wash the voices down the drink,

moosh our souls, you and me,
then we can say we are we.
mj tgis reminds me of something out of alice in wonderland. 030828
birdmad i am me

this explains a lot, actually.

this is the root of the problem
Strideo r you me?
bird ow 030828
mon uoy_r_uoy 030828
realistic optimist i guess im stalking you now, lemon soda, but again, this is a beautiful piece of writing and i enjoyed it thoroughly. 031009
Doar raw 031127
. . 051027
nom) are you r? 051027
andru235 y, r u Ryu? 051028
Lemon_Soda One of my first...

Good memories.
what's it to you?
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