.. and some people go a-changin' the locks 020716
janelle ....and get hurt 020716
Clarey & die a slow & painful death. Which is the alternative to... a slow, painful & lonely death. The former probably hurts more though xx 030627
endless desire we open the doors of our hearts
afraid of what we will meet on the other side.
afraid of what the other person shall do.
afraid of how they shall react.
afraid of getting hurt.
afraid of losing a much loved security.
it is beautiful thing, though.
opening up your doors.
she opened hers everso slightly,
peeking out to see if he had done the same.
and when she saw that he had
and that he had dared to open his further an inch further still
she followed.
both afraid and in love.
by the time they found that their doors were wide open, they looked back and chuckled at when they would barely open them a crack. for if they had known the wonders that rested right outside, they would have thrown open their doors and grasped it with everything they had.
but she smiled at the timid starting point
the awkward moments, the unsure seconds that passed.
he did also and they sit and reminisce often because she loved those times.
it was only sitting in his car,
parked on an empty street
speaking of good times and smiles,
that she realized there was no need
to live in the past
when the present was just as beauitful.

she wrote on her door a quote that she heard. it frightens, her as the truth often does. "once you open your door to one person, anyone can come in." so starting with one love, in come a flood of people she trusts. now the girl is very glad she took a step.
unhinged and sometimes they get slammed back in our face
or sometimes
we let thieves in
that take everything they can carry

chogyam trungpa wrote of
the genuine sadness of an open_heart
( bodhichitta )
and the resonance of my experience of that
made an indescribable feeling inside me of


yes i am
and i refuse to let others slam the door of my heart
if you cannot accept me
that is not my fault
unhinged genuine_heart_of_sadness 111025
unhinged (and a week later i met him,
the man that changed my life
my heartmind )
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