fucked once too often FUCKING FUCK THE FUCK OFF AND FUCKING DIE!!!!!!!!!!!
CJ I rather like to vent my rage at telemarketers that call they are fun to yell at 020610
fucked once too often Fucking hell!
Just leave me the fuck alone would you!
I don't want your fucking advice,
I don't want to be fucking told to "cheer up"
or have happy stories of hope thrown at me.
I am angry and that is exactly how I want to be at this moment.
So don't fucking try to persuade me otherwise.

Sometimes people blather for the sake of expressing their love, sometimes its pain, and sometimes it's anger.
Telling me to change my attitude or perspective when I obviously am not looking for such "advice" is tantamount to telling me not to blathe in the first place.

So you know what?
squint no problem with your venting.
newfound appreciation for raw emotion today was moodswingy.
here goes.

that fucking asshole thinks now hes all fucking high and mighty because hes older than me, and he says he is on the same fucking level as me so that he can chastise me and lecture me but at the same time expect me to act as fucking old as him, so i have to skip the nine fucking eyars between us and suddenly be so enlightened and understand all that would be put between 15 and 24, maybe i shouldnt be making fucking excuses for myself, right? fucking wrong! i dont think its at all fucking fair that i am denied for my age and then he pretends im not 15 and i know better, or can at least act better than to do certain things. that i shoudl live this fucking minimalist life and not take pleasure in the wrong things (so shopping is a fucking crime just because you dont have money and i do for the moment????so if you can't then neither can i????) im sorry im not so enlightened. im fucking sorry fuck the fuck off, though, just let me BE 15!!! I CANT ALWAYS BE YOUR AGE! i dont even knwo HOW to be that old, ive never been there! its easierfor me to be 12 than it is 24.

please just give me a break.
i can't take it.

and maybe your answer isnt the asnwer for everyone.

you mask your 'advice'.

whatever. what EVER, Im done.

p.s. know this person? don't bother telling him, im just venting. if i wanted him to hear this, in this form, id send it to him and not post it on balther.
thats all.
what's it to you?
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