klarchen I am sorry for not being more sorry.

Being sorry is not good enough.

Is it?

Im sorry, am I confusing you?

Sorry if I am.

Oh, sorry, I am sorry for saying sorry so many times.

Sorry about that.
birdmad once, several years ago
back in my factory working days
a co-worker -- a middle-aged born-again type came into my work area and overheard the music blasting from the boombox on my workbench

Black Sabbath, Paranoid.

"Are you some kind of devil worshipper?" she asked, quite seriously.

She had asked this before, but i had intentionally stonewalled the question until that moment, answering:

"lady, it would be both redundant and exceptionally egotistical for me to show myself that sort of reverence."

the confused and concerned look never did leave her face
paste! so i woke up just now, after sleeping. 010508
accidentprone I don't want to be redundant with you. I want to the perfect imperfection in your life. I want to feel this way forever. The way I feel when I'm with you. I thought I would never feel again. You proved me wrong. I didn't want to feel again. Now, I think it might be right. I'm scared of us going wrong. Reunited after years and I'm not willing to ruin the connection we somehow have between us. I just hope you aren't either. My broken heart is trying to mend and I don't know if you came in at the right time or the wrong time. It could be either I suppose. I'm just amazed that you came. Maybe things were better this way. The past is the past. We have grown, physically at least. Can we handle what we could possibly bring to each other? I hope so. If we can both hold onto ourselves while complimenting one another, this could last a long time. But who wants that? 030701
silentbob when i accidently post lyrics on two different blathes and forget


epitome of incomprehensibility In conclusion, I will conclude conclusively concerning my concern with concluding consternation. Do I make myself perfectly clear??? 050810
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