lost "marry me girl be my fairy to the world
be my very own constellation
a teenage bride with a baby inside gettin high on information
and buy me a star on the boulevard
it's californication"

thats one of my favorite parts of any one of their songs.
Photophobe I remember

10 years ago
in hollywood
we did some good.
And we did some real bad stuff.

We were easy come easy go
looking for the deep kick.

But the butthole surfers always said:

Its better to regret some thing you did,
than something you didn't do.
psychobabe o0h my god i loved that band like, when i was in the 3-4th grade! they kicked ass, until dave nevaro left *the guitarist* i always kinda had a thing for him *ahhhh memories* 011026
birdmad RHCP guitarists

first hillel slovak (RIP)[knock me down]

then john frusciante

some guy for half a tour

then dave navarro

then a couple of other guys for about five minutes

and then back to john frusciante

saw them for the first time back in '89 with Jane's addiction and a few other bands at a show called Q-fest (KUKQ, also RIP) that summer at a water park called Big Surf

that was a hell of a night
lost i loved them too when i was in 3and 4th grade. i still do. they remind me of some good times. 011027
ClairE So_good. 011130
nah....! ahhhh!!!!!!!

this group is fucking *awesome*.

anti-social butterfly saw them fifth row front and center. kicked ass! flea can jump so high it seems humanly impossible. john frusciante just is up on stage playing guitar with his shirt off and he looks like he is in so much pain and you just want to kiss him and heal him. no, they didn't play a socks only show. damn! 011130
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