ClairE Once you went beyond clouds, higher than birds, bigger than music, not just behind my eyes, but everywhere. Sometimes I wondered if I would have killed for you.

Sometimes I wondered if you were killing me.

Oh, Justin, your green eyes and your drummer arms. Your hand rolled cigarettes. I thought I was drowning. I thought I was being devoured from inside, not quite ecstasy, but.

I never thought my tears would win you. Not once, but.

Once you were more than everything, and now you're collapsed to dust. Your voice, my heart: a chartless river.
unhinged self_disgust
and then one day i snapped
and you made yourself a martyr
'i'm not the one that walked away
while you were right there dying'
and now i blame you
for me being a bitter angry bitch
unhinged excerpts of bobbi 060218
unhinged rockstars are dangerous poison
stay far away
very far away
benny profane sometimes i think i was a scarecrow...

...or a burnt match you were trying to light.

but, that's not the truth of it.
Isaou But I was less than nothing 071001
cut less than nothing ?
what is less than nothing ?

you can be what you want, that is your choice not mine.

you can be everything to yourself, whether you share that is really up to you.

less than nothing !
what is nothing ?
is there such a thing ?
Nothing could have been everything if you wanted it to be.
Well What is more than everything? 071001
pete God shuddered,
His world collapsed,
and we were left free,
One = Zero ... 071001
f Whoever designed that symbol/number, it does not have any black inside it, it's an Oval, a stretched circle. Symbols are fascinating in how they connect to all kinds of things, like the universe for example. All due to human fascination of existence, some things can't be answered thats why i have always thought that life it self is a huge miracle. If we had an answer for how and why maybe we would loose our sence of wonder, wonder is a big part of everything, it's just an invisible ecstacy pill. 071002
Lemon_Soda You know what? I agree, f. Nicely put. 071002
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