Photophobe again 020925
notme no nevermind i have nothing to say
i've been teething
the right_hand_side of my face is swollen and feverish
i just ate some raspberry granola
trying to cut the gum all the way through before it heals over again
my landlord was surprised when i gave him some grub from the garden today, "wow you still have corn?"
nod "just picked yesterday."

einstein didn't talk till he was three
i don't have a hundred thousand dollars
no nevermind i have nothing to say
notme my cousin was arrested in japan for taking pictures of dolphins? 031011
stillness . 040405
t . 040405
mute city I don't really have anything to say, that's why I'm saying it here. 040905
uow it's like i don't exist.

cpgurrl no_nevermind_i_have_nothing_interesting_to say 040905
cpgurrl i mean no_nevermind_i_have_nothing_nteresting_to_ay 040905
u24 no, nevermind, i have nothing to say

never say no, i have nothing to mind

nothing i have, never mind to say no

i say nothing, never have mind to

to never mind, say i have nothing

have i never mind to say nothing?

i never have no mind to say nothing
aM i DiStUrBeD? The sunlight glanced off the window,
Just before his head.
She stared where the beam of light had just been.
He was there. Sitting in the cafe.
Reading a book.

She walked across the pavement,
Dodging pushchairs and people as she went.

Twelve Steps.

She had worked it out exactly.
Her toes fidgeted on the edge of the pavement.
Like a diver before the fall, the graceful fall to the water.

Ten Steps.

She stepped onto the road,
No fear of the oncoming traffic.
Only one thing on her mind.

Seven Steps.

She had reached the other side.
There was no turning back.
The door was an arms length away.
She couldn’t give up now.

Five Steps.

She was in the threshold.
The doorframe above her head.
She could see the wrinkles of his brow,
Flowers For Algernon.

She started to walk toward his table.
Making four steps into her future.

One step.
Just one step and she would be there.
::Mind Blank::

He looked up from his book
Meeting her eyes with his,
Pale blue with a look of curiosity...

And then she spoke...
emmi i have little faith in my own words. it scares me that i just wrote a paragraph and erased it all. it scares me that i knew exactly what i wanted to say and i couldn't say it.
i opened my mouth. "i have something stuck in my throat" i said to him.
poet night 060403
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