p2 if you loved me
you would
Lemon_Soda I say this to myself everyday. 031020
sirflaccid You know I have yet to totally figure this out but for some reason I really like this statement. 031021
nick "You all need to die in the face!"

cuz whatever bad happens to you ... it's always worse in the face

this topic brings to mind a Roy D Mercer quote

"You better pack a lunch boy, 'cause you're in for an all day ass whoopin'!"

mmmmmm... :)

"Cornelius, I've got something so much better now, but the first rule is you're not supposed to talk about it..."
Witchesrequiem I thought that we would go on forever till our end. My most precious demon stole my soul away. He said your beautiful but heaven is just pretend, I'll die here if I stay. And all the dreams I held so close, I can't see them I'm all choked. God please wash it all away. Oh my little demon how I want to be close to you. He is the one you need to sleep to dream to breath. 031027
specialk has anyone ever tried that old saying "if you love something let it go, if it comes back that's how you know it's for real" ? 040626
specialk if i had to kill someone i if they were too sick or something... i don't know if i would have the guts to... anyone else? 040626
unhinged cause this whole
ripping pieces out of me
like you don't give a shit
is used and old
Freak defining_moments 041022
Staind_And_Souless You did. You killed me. Because you loved me.
I Killed us because I loved you.
BitterSweetDream Painfully true ^ 041025
f come back to me.
be my friend,
i would be so prowd to be your friend.
FA113N There are new truths now.

They're still painful, though.
what's it to you?
who go