florescent light The boy with the fire in his hair has crashed here for three nights now.
When he combs his hair straight, I mess my fingers through it, telling him how much better it looks tousled.
I feel a chemistry.
I'm not real attracted to him mentally- he speaks too much of drugs, jail, and acts of unmoraled conscience.
He is from the wrong side of town.
Yet, I feel an irresputable chemistry.
He hasn't known me for three days, but already he is cooking
already he has dubbed me as 'little one'
already he has affectionately ran his finger across my cheek as he tells me to smile more.
already he has met me at work to walk me home.
already he has called me cute.
already he has patted my head when he walks by.
Already he has told me how cute I looked when I fell asleep, last night, with my head on the laptop.

He deliberately seeks me out at the party. Sitting next to me. Speaking.
Sometimes I leave, and go to my room.
Sometimes I stay.
I am aware of his eyes on me from across the room.
He gives me all the attention I could possibly want - without demanding any of my space.
It scares me.
I close up- become cold.

I want to go down and run my fingers through his hair once more.
I want to fall asleep next to him-I want to know what the curves of his face feel like against my fingertips, against my lips.
I want to hear the sounds of his rhythmic deep breathing as he sleeps.
And what he would smell like with my head so close to his.
I want to know how his calloused hand feels entwined with my fragile one.
I lock my bedroom door.
divine madness A whimsical fantasy
osculating, caressing
viva voce, romantically:
amorous appearances

copulating, a bit not too much,
letting go for the moment it much to ask for?
feeding a hunger
a pleasurable craving
promising no to bite

Yet no one around
Not a soul to give into
temptation, a petite seduction
ostracism of this grand emotion
for the time being;
encased in an abysmal chasm...

how intriguing...
Easter Bunny . 040115
belldandy i swear i have read some of the most poetic verses i ever had the pleasure to read right here on blather... 040115
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