copypaste You start the car, and I'll pack the sandwiches
Maybe we'll miss the rain
The side of the road, the edge of tomorrow
Trading spots again
I'm still infatuated
I'm feeling obligated
My mind's a million miles away, I'm sorry
The day starts at 2:00, and the worst part
Is that I'm pretending that I'm feeling half alive
I think I sold my name

Driving down the interstate alone
With a ghost I'm naming after you
divi Your rediculous behavoiur has consequences, you are like one of those people that just follows, does sick jokes to people that might actually be in love with you, then who is it that has to lose a friend becasue of your stupid hee hee harr harr ohh mmmmm... ahhhh in a phone box in south India.

Think before you screw people over !
but don't worry, it's a pinch of salt to me, he has got a credit card anyway, i already told you, go back to having raunchy dirty sex in you parents living room and slam the door in my face. Stand on my head maybe if you are a bitch.

You don't trust me probably because you don't fucking trust yourself.

Your a fucking king pin follower that seems to think you are cool to laugh along with her crap jokes.

How much did you charge me for a cigarette again ?
oh sorry do i still owe you ten pence ?

oh hi, i'm at the Singapore airport to come and see you for a holiday, fuck off back home you say, (you think i don't hear do you!) I have king pin now i'm not interested in your friendship any more,

go on run along, meerrrr...
follow the ring leader that thinks shes too ugly to get a man.

i will rub it in because you are a fucking sad loser just like that pin that was bullied herself, who cares right.

i will get my own fucking hut, i don't like any of you, i have a sexy boy now, like i need any of you bitchy girls.
what's it to you?
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