unhinged i've been looking for you today. where you at? 050913
unhinged sorry if you tried to call yesterday; i left my phone in columbus accidentally over the weekend and won't get it back til this weekend.

i feel quite bad.
daf see ya on the flip side loca... : ) 050921
u24 you're website's been hacked, if you're still around. (http://www.fragzaintskillz.com) 051021
dafremen Yea I know. Thanks. I don't have the tools available where I'm at right now to log back in and repair the damage. 051021
unhinged i bought an astrology encyclopedia the other day and i've been thinking of you

i read the pisces entry and realized my secondary influences have hardly been secondary all these hard lonely years; i more identified with the pisces entry than the libra one. but this time of year i think i'm always decidely piscean, less daylight, more cold, less social, more alone. i really don't think it's a great mix, libra and pisces.

but yeah, bought myself an astrology encyclopedia. been reading up, thinking of you, hoping you are doing better now.
Bespeckled It's me. One of many in this blather world trying to figure out how to get in touch with you again.

Let's talk - we've lost touch, and I've forgotten your screenname.

u24 I've been sending out 'hello's to everyone I've ever known but haven't spoken to for a longlong time (you're the fifth person tonight))

hello, all that kind of stuff. still allergic to sawdust? keep it up! did you ever make it to LA?

none of the above applies to you, but it's indicative of the sort of thing I'd ask you if I wasn't in this very odd mood.
dafremen Alive and kicking (although admittedly not as high as I used to.)

You'll find me here. And at dafremen@gmail.com or dafremen@hotmail.com

And I miss yacking with u2 2.

Oh and u2 u24.
will i dream If you need to contact me. It's will.i.dream@hotmail.com 071016
unhinged pisces

thanks again for that chart. it was enlightening.
Bespeckled miss ya. 080116
daf =) Hey there PnC =) 080117
Bespeckled Just came by to say "miss ya" again.
Will you ever be dropping by Boston in this lifetime?
I want you to talk my ear off.
I'll buy you coffee (or a beer) in return.
Secret no, nevermind, I have everything to say. 091230
Doar just wondering if your name came up.

what's it to you?
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