Q Halogen


Listener, please excuse me
for jumping you here so rudely,
with pedagogy and desires painted plainly, and crudely,
electronically andk, oh, so chemically,


but those halogens, they are reactive, very, very highly.
Princesses they act to want to be,
oblivious noblessely to the terribly lonely
it be to be completely free,
and lack all reactivity;

unless they turn out xenonuously or,
when especially warmly, radonuously
and then remain hopelessly hopefully explosively,

if the he's who lucky be
to satisfy them not just electronic but protonically,
which, being electrically too, is deeply too spiritually,
seek with them a path of many colors and fluorine goldenly.


Those halogens, beware, be, be!

They will scratch you everywhere mercilessly,

yet some like hapless me
will shout "more, more" morally
or immorally "just please more, pleasily"!

They will, too, intensely gaseously excitedly so very attractively sinuously
blow fire nostradamusly intranostrilly
with holding lightly
and soft kisses to the lips interdirectly;

"more, more, just please morely"

and get into your eyes so burningly, so hotly
as you think "hellish, it matters notly"
you cannot see their goals too clearly
"so what, i'm floating randomly
with naught but a mind, quill, and pearly
electrons and exceptionally
protons, free to give to fill satisfiedly
an empty slot orbitally
and deep inside nuclearly


if the halogeness, on my mind and presently
my quill's tip, wishes to with me float off freely
from the same garden or launching pad nightly, daily,
or at least mostly.

It's just one electron, with a flash lightly,
one proton, just one, tinier, yet more weighty
and more, more, morely energetically


and could be done supposedly,
I say so sadly and such sardonically,
mostly electronically,
but that launching starts awfully
high, and all, even the halogen scratching and burning currently
of my own with high amperage freely
"more, more," and even me,
should desire to be unlonely.


So let's make it xenuously
and if that warmly enough not be
then okay, yes, radonuously.
Let's just do it, okay, please, pleasily.


Listener, please excuse us, you see,
it's so much chemistry,
it seems to be.

Copr. 2000
camille Whether electrokinetics or morse code
the tap tap tapping of messages that massage to electromagnetism be...

the elements which cause refracted and mirrored light within ... these walls

the same charge that comes from within the idea that

every instant, i break an empty cup against your door reminding you that i have an empty cup to fill...
this luminous intensity that calls for me to write whether my ideas or yours..

i watch and wait i luminesce
Tess sparks
what's it to you?
who go