megan my dad just told me we have to put my dog down on wednesday
he's old... 13...we got him when i was 4 and i'm now 17...
i remember getting him. there was a big cage full of little black balls of fur, and he was a small one in the back. but he was the first one out when the door opened, and he had a white spot on his chest, and big brown eyes. he didn't even pee on my mom on the way home. he cried the whole night as i listened from my bedroom.
he's a big black lab, and i named him gus after the mouse on cinderella. i can't remember him not being there ever. from stealing chocolate bunnies at easter, to eating a whole roast that was fr sunday dinner, to being the topic of conversation a lot of times (normally centered around his stinky gassing abilities)
i don't really know how to react. i didn't cry. i know what my parents decided is probably for the best. but this year of all years? too much has happened already. gus knows all my secrets.
when i used to cry when i was little i would bury my face in his side and just lay with him.
i went out on the porch with him tonight and laid down next to him and buried my face. but no tears came.
wednesday will come quick i'm afraid. i'm going to miss him terribly.
why is everything changing this year?
skinny that really sucks :( its like losing someone in your family 040531
once again I knew a boy named Gus... he reminded me of another boy I'd known. We talked and laughed and fooled around... and we don't do that any more. 040601
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