Q then, i suppose, i'm ready to be forgiven,
but will never forget that you and i are human
and our lovely fate is to err
camille forgiveness has always been, it just takes someone to accept the gift 000211
MollyGoLightly I'm glad Max and Mr. Blume forgave each other. I don't think I would have liked Rushmore as much if they hadn't. 000601
WingedSerpent "to err is human,
to forgive is not our policy"

---sign in my manager's office

"to err is human
to blame it on someone else
is even more human"

---sign on the outer wall of my cubicle

*Ziima* She will never be forgiven for all the music she deleted. It was all of my most favorite 400 songs, and she chose to just delete them because of her false accusations. That bitch. I hate her. She's ugly, gross, revolting, fat, and stupid beyond all hell. I wish she were never born. I was here first, and she can kiss my ass. That bitch. I'll never forgive her. 010612
Grace im already forgiven.. 030429
-Succubus- What is the extent to which I can be no longer forgiven? Is there a mark that I cross that says "Hey, you wasted your chances. Your GET OUT OF JAIL FREE cards have all expired." ?? I wonder. I think a lot about God. I know that He's real, however, my, how I wish I could believe otherwise sometimes. I'm scared of Hell. More scared of it than anything else. I think I probably try God's patience quite a bit with my hellish ways and destructive nature. Its all up to him when it comes to forgiveness. Hopefully, I won't make him too awfully mad. 031108
chrysalid unconditional
maybe that's why they believe
lighten the load

fly on wings like eagles
hencewhat you don't know what you've put me through
it's okay, i've forgiven you
but in some way, hope it fucks with you
hope it fucks with you


that i'm okay and i've made it through
but who's to say what you're going through
i'll say no names, though i've wanted to
isn't it strange how it seems like...
what's it to you?
who go