Splinken eyeshadow is nice. i found the kind i like. now i am sparkly and purple.

emily ...have you ever noticed how many women in this world do not know how to properly put on eyeshadow???...it's kind of sad really... 000622

Ugh! I can’t believe what an imbecile I am! Here it is I’m in the check out line and I think to myself you know the check out girl is wearing a pretty shade of eye shadow, I should ask her what color it is when she’s done ringing up my guys stuff but b4 she rings up my moms stuff (I obviously was kinda wedged between them) and so once she’s done I say “Michell” az it is the name on her name tag, but az she looks @ me right in the eyes suddenly my question seems to be slipping from me so I try and blurt it out az fast I can so I end up saying “whatcoloristhateye eye eyeoh my gawd! What is the word I’m looking for?!? It was there just a moment a go! “Eye stuffand a look of perplexshen (sp?) crosses my face cuz I know that’s –not- what I wanted to say and she smoothly askseye shadow?” az though she didn’t really take notice of the slip up and suddenly I feel az though she’s thrown me a life saver and saved me from drowning in my own embarrassment and so enthusiastically I sayYes!” but her reply and everything up until I get home is pretty much a blur.
mon eyes can be so radiant
everything else seems dim and quiet
the star more beautiful than the darkness
suicidalchinadoll I only really wear brown makeup.
varying shades..
daxle obsession 041002
unhinged i love eyemakeup


i have found the perfect liquid eyeliner in white, greenish/bluish, and purple and better yet it's cheap. and everytime i paint my eyes with it people go ''oooohhh'' and i bat my well painted eyes at them slightly longer


my eyes are the best part of my face.
what's it to you?
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