silentbob blood glass spit toothpaste hair pennies smells full moon garbage disposal, sink drip 021114
pipedream back in oregon my sister and i had an imaginary alligator kind of something that lived in the heating vents...his name was raisin, and if you yelled 'raiiiisiiiiiinnnn!!!!' down the vent in our room, you could hear it, faintly, from the vent in my brother's room if you were there with your ear pressed to it. raisin was a good ol' fella, he used to keep all the lego we dropped down the vent and play with it. 030317
crimson I want to pick at your brain
Love and be loved blindly
Leave my hairs in your drain
And be treated kindly

That was really lame, I know, but give me a break.
mj simple, possibly lame, but it still made me smile. it's the simple little ditties that stick with you. 030819
endless desire i tore my legs up with the sharp side of the drain.
i let the mental curves dig in my legs
where no one shall see.
blood running in the shower,
there goes my lunch right down the drain
of my yellow fucking tub.
i punch myself about two dozen times right in the cheek bone just to feel what i deserve. i move down to my jaw with a slight fear that i might break it. how would i perform tonite with a broken jaw? i doubt i'd feel like putting on my red and brown wig that makes me giggle so.
anger explodes through me as i collaspe to the floor once again and toss like a fish out of water on the floor of the shower. bruising my arms and shins and knees.
hate runs through my mind.
i cough and laugh.
your so fucking crazy, ellyn.
your so fucking gorgeous, i hate you.
endless desire you so fucking don't know how to spell contractions either.
damnit i don't do anything wrong.
i wake up and scream because im alive.
you had sex with me in my dreams and i loved it.
then i went to new york and fell in love with a boy and we slid down the freeways.
i keeping dreaming about New_York. maybe it means something.
i wrote on the buildings you know.
what's it to you?
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