kingsuperspecial I just wanted you to know that

just thought I'd point that out.

(a) laicepsrepusgnik
nocturnal dude, that was not cool. it was also uncalled for. whether or not it is true is irrelevant. it was neither cool nor called for. 010614
kingsuperdork i'll allow for your opinion that it was not cool. I apologize if you are offended. however, I'm still of the opinion that, given I was the first to have anything to blath about dorks, I can say whatever the hell I want.

I find there are a lot of dorks roaming around blather.

Sorry you feel this is
"not called for "

the statement was pure

which, as I understand it,
does not have to be
"called for".

don't get me wrong. I'm a dork, too.


It's the dorks that make the world interesting, that spare us from the greedhead TV sucking SUV monkies.

if you're the sort of person that takes 'dork' as insult, you should think about what you have against dorks, and maybe hug one next time you see one buying a new Playstation game or a NIN t-shirt.

( :P )

(a) misunderstood as always
nocturnal I wasn't offended. you'd have to do a hell of a lot worse than that to offend me. I was just's not generally cool to call a whole group of people you don't even know anything at all really. even if it's something good, there's no way for you to know if it's true or not. 010614
kingsuperspecial In todayís fast paced world of supermodels, professional athletes, and cellphone mutants, I have been forced to be come highly proficient at identifying dorks, freaks, and other heads that may be amendable to my off-beat and fairly tiresome presence. My dork radar is a finely tuned, precision instrument that...


...excuse me, that I rely on to survive. However, I'm not so brash, as to be unable to take criticism, especially from some like the mighty Nocturnal, whom I respect immensely. Thus I retract my initial blath, and instead offer this: I THINK you're all dorks, and I hope the good dorks seek me out for blathing, and laughing, and general mayhem.

. is sorry. really.
nocturnal wow. I didn't expect all that. the mighty Nocturnal part was a nice touch, I must say. however, if you do indeed have such a radar, then it is possible that I was wrong. maybe you do know for a fact that we are indeed all dorks. who's to say, really? 010614
randomly recent I don't think we are all dorks. maybe we were once. and certainly some of us are dorks. but not all.

Death to bubbles i'm a cork 040114
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