sour kraut
pickled pigs feet

collie flower
DarklingDuck My demon sleeps
during the day
and wakes me up
with slippery yearnings
in the night
and no relief
at all
misstree a demon
never lets you know
they are one.
chock chock chili you are my demon.
i am your demoness.
erin. he's jumping up and down
inside my head,
telling me not to stop
doing what i'm not supposed to be doing--
not to stop thinking and feeling and dreaming . . .
instead of being good and doing what i ought to.
Rickster They are calling to me now, like always before. They are telling me now, how to unlock that door. The show me visions of the most evil intentions, yet I spend my life living constant resention. I choose to accept the demons call, perhaps it will be the change that I'm looking for. 021226
Freak They just won't go away. 021227
Dark God Such is the mask I wear tonight,
With one terrifying look they trembled in fright,
The stars are lighting my path to glory,
While I continue to scare story after story,
I am that which has no name or place,
Crawling along the darkness you call a disgrace,
I wait for you here beckoning your soul,
To come outside and play with me some more,
I will watch you from above and below,
And beyond that perhaps you shall never know,
I am the grandest signifigence in life to whom we call the mortals,
It was not our kind that beckoned our spirits portal,
Simply a knock at the door was the first strike,
We came to your realm like creatures in the night,
One by one we watched you as 'guardians' or such,
You each quivered with fear to our touch,
We brought no violence or compulsion with us this time,
We are here to utilize the greatest war toy of them all, mankind.
GTony Maxwell in a box
trying to sneak one past entropy
just glance, catch a particle in your periphery
don't stare, don't observe, don't make heat, don't expend energy
just nudge the gate
with a shadow of an intention of a motion
step aside and let
the disorder flow uphill and arrange itself on your plate
a film in reverse

You can't win
You can't break even
Can you get out of the box?
what's it to you?
who go