Q Some bits of blatherreality

Everyone who chooses to participate in any way in blather does so in the face of these and other harsh blatherrealities.

Blather is open to everyone and everything.

Blather is open to many things: truth, opinion, lies, reason, logic, illogic, stupidity, perception, illusion, self-serving delusion, humor, non-humor, history, herstory, revisionism, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, non-poetry, stories, non-strories, communications, non-comunications, and many other less complicated and more complicated things. Sometimes even numbers, astronomy, cosmology or cosmetology.

For any reason or no reason, anybody who reads a blathe may like it, be offended or upset by it, not like it, or have no definable feeling about it.

Nobody is prevented from blathing, and nobody is prevented from reading into any blathe whatever s/he believes to be there, whether it be or not.

Nobody participates in blather except by choice.

If somebody does not like blatherreality, there is not one thing, alive or otherwise, that is preventing her/him from ignoring blather completely.

If, for any reason or no reason, somebody doesn't like some blathes or blatherers, there is not one thing, alive or otherwise, that prevents him/her from ignoring them.
daxle there is one thing: old habits die hard 000904
splinken but there's nothing wrong with a little mischevious analysis, eh?

not that i have the energy to do it, but i do like to read it.
grendel rule number one:
do not talk about blather.

rule number two:

now when do i get to detonate something?

(couldn't resist....the id is behind the wheel tonight)
Jenna hehehehe 011217
ClairE There are no rules. There seems to be a set of rules, but these are made by indivuals and have to be picked up by the group. Subject to interpretation.
And everyone has their own personal set of rules.

In other words, it's exactly like life.
Jenna Not to get too literal, but the one difference with life is here you like or dislike people for their words instead of their looks. (not just beautiful or not, but rich or not, race, etc.)

I mean, that makes it better than life, in a way.

Hmm. Not so good.
meta meta 060517
superleni someone could be being forced to participate in blather ... maybe we all are ... maybe blather is making us ... ? 060517
very picky today Aack! Non-strories! Now who would want to read a non-strory? 060518
epitome of incomprehensibility big blather is watching you...
no, i'm afraid i don't get originality points for that
Emptyness Alive better than. on blather you dont ridiculed because of your looks or the way u act. but people listen. 060519
what's it to you?
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