alora the year I was born. Was there a world before then? 021003
Princess Lola nope ^_^

my year, too
god i was 11.
the horror of 80's pop radio. the horror...
ferret i don't like pop anything 030716
oldephebe strawberryblonde dreams
a woman of almost
omniscient capacities
my closest friend
then decades
beyond her years
and a soul more beautiful
than her mind
and a mind
more beautiful
than what stirred
the hormonal tempests
of most boys
who laid their
hungry eyes
strawberry blond
and there were
worlds within
our words
and I squandered
the treasure
of her friendship
by now probably not appearing to be spiritually bankrupt but boy
i can't seem to step into
the stoics creed
it doesn't fit
did you ever see the dance of
of summer light
upon such hair
the interplay of highlights
and the way it changed
the color of her eyes
strawberry blonde
relentless inner critic hey! scribe without a spell check
it's precocious
alora said:
1981 : the year I was born. Was there a world before then?
hell yeah, there was 1980- but of course most of you kiddies wouldn't remember it.

aligator shirts
gloria vanderbilt jeans
billy idol
the start of one of best decades of music...
stork daddy on a balmy dusk in november...this wretched world became a little more wretched!!!! 040131
obsessive release Since I was born in 1980 I guess the question is was there a world before 1980?

Better questions? Will there be a world when you and I die? Do people remember your birth or do they remember when they first forgot about you? Why did the 70's have better sex? Why did the 80's have to have that sick and twisted bad hair syndrome?
:_) someone said:

Why did the 80's have to have that sick and twisted bad hair syndrome?

because it took that long to perfect hair spray capable of defying gravity.

because hairdressers were short on time and cut only the front portion soon be called the mullet..........
jenny enny dots i went to a forum on VH1 about the show "i love the 80's". there were people there actually saying "when are they gonna do "i love the 90's". just think about what "i love the 00's" would be like:

September 11
Devestating Wars
Christina Aguilara

would you let your kids watch THAT show?
:_) 1981 thought to itself

"in twenty years i will crash into the world trade center".
what's it to you?
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