kx21 A popular phrase used in

Rice’s 911 testimony


Full transcript of Rice’s 9/11 testimony

Complete text of question-and-answer ( Q_As ) period
kx21 OOps...

Number of occurrences in it = 10
Carpe Diem Baby hit dirt, shake tree, lets split sky.....part sea. Strip smile, lose cool, bleed the day and break the rule. Then make me miss you.......Then make me miss you.

Draw lead, piss wine, sink teath, all mine. stoke fire, break neck, suffer through this cheat on death.....then make me miss you...Then make me miss you.

So wash your face away with dirt, It don't feel good until it hurts....So take this world and shake it. Come Squeeze and suck the day......Come Carpe Diem Baby.
notme nuts 040410
kx21 The ' Profound ' Strategy of

" shaking the Trees " from Apple:-


where trees ~ Tigers in Rest of the World, specifically Orange...
somebody ***
* From Tom Brokaw

NBC's Tom Brokaw asks British Prime Minister Tony Blair

if Iraq is slipping into civil war,

Wouldn’t it be better to have the conditions right before you pick an arbitrary date on the calendar (July 1st date for the turnover of power in Iraq ) & why both U.S. and British intelligence was wrong about weapons of mass destruction.
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kookaburra this is a peter gabriel song, and i am appalled that she used this phrase!
not really.
but i am a little peeved.
ferret makes the nuts drop 040417
kx21 ***
* M Butterfly:-Photographs

The Butterfly_effect:-

U.S. shake-up at prison in Iraq

The Trees:- Bush & Blair...
i AM impressed "the k gurl" invoking peter gabriel and having the panache to be peeved! 040610
witchesrequiem All the pagans would fall out! 040610
mood ring i dont know what the hell panache means.
and im too much of a lazy american to go look it up.
so my comeback is duck boogers.
take that as you will.
pete when the trees tremble, what do the birds do? 040610
Jun162004 ***
* President George W. Bush

Former US officials sign letter in French press calling for Bush poll defeat

7 minutes ago

PARIS (AFP) - Twenty-six US former senior diplomatic and military officials signed a letter published in France's Le Monde newspaper criticizing President George W. Bush's foreign policy, especially in Iraq, and calling for him to be voted out of office in November.
555 Blair tries to shake off Iraq fallout

- 4: 512005 2 hours ago
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