dallas see? 980916
sage Dear Sage:

Due to your failure to complete financial registration (a direct result of your student account being deliquent) we are sorry to inform you that appropiate actions will be taken unless full payment of your past due amount is received by 4 pm on September 21st. If full payment is not received by the forementioned deadline, your financial aid credit will be reversed and you will be disenrolled from classes.

If you have any questions, please ontact ___ in Kingston Hall, room ___. She can also be reached by phone at ___ or via e-mail at ___.


Student Accounts Manager/Payroll Coordinator
megan -se-do
and left, left
left my wife in new orleans
on 25 cents and a can of beans
because i thought it was
right, right
right for my country
amy that wasn't in response to nothing and everything and all that. carry on. 010109
bloody potato chip i know, but i liked readin' it. 010109
Sintina What I say when I do something stupid, but I don't really want to acknowledge it... then I look stupider by saying Whoops, because it sounds so kindergarten 010110
fist kittens we dood_it again! 010110
Rael One Cloud When I see Britney Spears I want to hit her, baby one more time. Oops. I did it again.
Pepsi snorting Barbie / Buffy pop tart from hell.
Death of a Rose Whoops, I've slipped again. Go ahead and do it again Britney, kiss our virgin rock goddess again, show some tongue.........

Bring it on.
angry oh, im sorry, next time i'll try not to miss you when you aren't around; i know everything bounces off you- including me- so i shouldn't bother next time. seriously, whoops. big mistake, im sorry. i shouldn't expect you to want to see me, even for just a while- you're too busy. i shouldn't project myself onto you. whoops. there i go again. im so incredibly sorry im turning into a dipshit because of you; im working on not-being. and imagine, this is a relationship! surprise! 031009
dudeinanigloo Whoops! I shat on the wall in my sleep! 040426
sab a job that was given to me
years ago
and i had years to do it

and i never got around to it

and now its all been chucked out
and i cant do it.


ah well.
what can you do
what's it to you?
who go