Siren Serenaded by the subtle whisper of your shallow breaths...
Each one more precious than the last.
And when you dream, do you dream of me?
Do you know all the things I would do to never cease this moment?
To feel the warmth in your gentle fingertips...
To melt in the radiance of that smile.
To freeze in the stare of those ice blue eyes...

And this would be the moment I could live in forever if given the choice. I would never leave your side, even while you sleep.
oldephebe again - another gem wedged amongst the babble mostly my inordinate babbble

this was b e a u t i f u l
nomme all i_will
all i_was
all i_am
voodoo this moment
feels like the worst
moment of my life

i know it's not
but i'm sitting here
at work

can't concentrate on
except how i want
to be near you

i just left your bed
three hours ago
and i miss you already

i want to tell you
what's on my mind
what's in my soul
Perplexlypuzzled A moment can be captured in a picture, in a glance, in a thought, and even in a phrase. I think you all captured it wonderfully. 031013
Toxic_Kisses ... has already passed 031013
.nom is remembered 050122
no reason seems significant

maybe i'm just searching for significance
high viscosity for a girl. 070126
what's it to you?
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