:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Goes unchallenged unless it is given a name for them to attack.

The concept of karma is the basis of all systems of theology. The natural order of the grand scheme of things dictates that balance will prevail, even concerning issues of morality.

Are we to assume that our primitive ancestors forsaw our moral dilemmas and invented this concept to keep us in line?

Are you to assume that we imperfect beings are capable of such a graceful act of divinity?

Or, are we to assume that science will unravel the mystery of this natural order, and find that our moral behavior is also defined by laws of physics rather than by free choice?

As illogical as it sounds, many people believe that simply because it eliminates the unkowable factors.
They manufacture for themselves a sense of psuedopeace of mind. Yet they can not escape the doctine of karma.
User24 the idea of karma is one of the mose self-freeing doctrines i know of, it places you in total control of your destiny -and- sees beyond the body, and even beyond the human world, into a divine court where we, the insignificant human, suddenly have an unimagineable amount of control over our suroundings. 010814
unhinged one of the most wonderful spiritual revelations i've had is when in the past couple of months i started buddhism again and i came to the understanding that spirituality is an essence of the mind. well yeah, duh, but i understood that in a totally different light. human beings and their impermanence are nothing for the eternity of the mind. if you are truly in touch with your mind that is the state of enlightenment. there definitely is something beautiful and freeing about this doctrine. proof is all i ever needed. 010814
:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Do you have proof that Karma exists? 010814
kx21 Somehow / somewhat hidden in


Is such proof really needed?

What is its value, in term of COL (refer to What_is_the_Currency_of_Life )?
unhinged i was lost in christianity. the only thing i ever truly gained from it was a nervous breakdown. and i began reading buddhist philosophy and something about it clicked inside my soul. it was just an understanding that i had never had about anything. that is all the proof i ever needed. 010814
Grace ~Funny
I came to Christ after mine..
But, I think Karma's been hitting me with pain on my left side and i wish it would quit..

There is NOthing I've done in this
(Or any life..For us there's one)
for this.Nothing..
peacefrog parikrama, parikrama. the circle of life. the results of our doings. 030615
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