jane but not for me – chet baker
new age girl – dead eye dick (reminds me of the first night i met you, when this was playing at the party)
with or without you – u2 (you sang it)
i got it bad (and that ain’t good) – nina simone
if you don’t love me (i’ll kill myself) – pete droge (one of the songs in my favorite genre)
i can’t get next to you – al green (i couldn't for the longest time)
alone again (naturally) – gilbert o’ sullivan
i want you – third_eye_blind
lovin’ your lovin’ – eric clapton
linger – cranberries
lovesong – the cure (that's right. i'm giving you lovesong, you asshole. not that you deserve it)
blow out (acoustic) – radiohead & portishead (actually i take this back. you get lovesong, you can't get blow out)
oh! sweet nuthin’ – the velvet underground
always see your face – love
more than a feeling – boston
how soon is now? – the smiths (i just couldn't wait)
crazy little thing called love – queen
here i am (come and take me) – al green
you’ve really got a hold on me – the beatles
all medicated geniuses – pretty girls make graves (when we saw them at sin-e & we were both rocking out, back when i dreamed of stealing kisses from you)
thinking about you – radiohead
if this is it – huey lewis & the news (that girl sang this song at karaoke night & i was thinking about you)
beast of burden – the rolling stones (i sang it for your birthday)
stuck in the middle with you – stealer’s wheel (ah, the love_triangle)
that’s all – genesis
hey – the pixies (this song still breaks my heart, i don't know why)
ruby tuesday – the rolling stones (the last one you sung)

well, there it is. i am now purged of your existence, you two-faced sonofabitch. i hope you have fun hitting on my best friend at other parties.
what's it to you?
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