jennifer See it anyone got my eyes got my face
sing it everyone got my nose got my blood
conscience plays upon me now
safe until my luck runs out
cuckoos call, pendulum swings
I thought you knew everything
lift my hands make the cross

Sinner I have never learned
beginner I cannot return
forever I must walk this earth
like some forgotten soldier

these things I should keep to myself
but I feel somehow strangely compelled
under moonlight I stood wild and naked
felt no shame just my spirit awakened
Sinner got my eyes got my face
fireball drop from the sky
all my dreams have come to pass
where's my faith is it lost
can't see it till you cast it off

Sinner there is no such thing
beginner I have learned to sing
forever I must walk this earth
like some forgotten soldier
today I am still disconnected
to the face that I saw in the clouds
and the closest I get to contentment
is when all of the barriers come down.

i have my fathers eyes the way i figure it, if god loves sinners, then the more i sin, the more god must love me 010112
Loose Tongue Neil Finn is a genius. His spiritiual or agnostic song: open to interpretation, open ended, ambigious are spellbinding. 040216
niecespieces I feel the likes of a sinner.
Trapped in those years of being told to feel shame,
Sexuality makes sinners, and I have been made.
My new explorations feeling light, and that lightness weighs on an inner piece of me.
Where did the shame go? Without shame now can I have depth and connection again in the future?
Without this internal conflict, suddenly I feel flung to a place of brokenness and apathy. Shuddering at the thought of loss emotion, I blankly stare into a strangers mirror eyes.
Bodies move but my heart is not fully stirred. Without the negative how can the positive be recognized?
what's it to you?
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