ClairE You make me feel sort of punished, like swatting away a dog.

But I remind myself it's cute, and decide to bestow upon my friends.

When I say it, Anthony says, "oh forget you".
(curious) cube Who's Anthony?
kerry isn't he claire's friend from when they were little?

[read that on 100_Facts_About_Me]
cube Thanks Kerry (i thought you were ignoring me).

Such an old friend must know Claire Elizabeth well. It would be well to heed such a trusted advisor...
Grievance it's such a harsh word, even whispered.
it breaks my heart.
unhinged it is never right
words must always be spoken
that have no place on my ears
i was concentrating on
the feel of you
no words
just you

i don't want to speak
there are no words that i can say to you
of how i feel
at this moment
but the small sighs i place near
your eardrum
please do not make me talk
or i will only be bitter
when i remember it
because i would rather remember
the feel of you
at that exact moment

i would rather concentrate
on the roughness of the old carpet
(before microfiber)
on the small part of my exposed back
or the music
the way we both listened to the music
or your


unless my dear
we are speaking french
which is an entirely different matter
because the hot midsummer sweat
is melting us to each other
and your mouth
pushes aside my impatience
i would rather recall
the feel of you
and let his cello
speak for both of us
shiva is sexy. i don't understand why everyone has a problem with silence. 020106
cube Everyone? Please try to generalize less in future posts. Thank-you Shiva...
ClairE It breaks girls' hearts. 020107
unhinged everyone please quit being so egotistcal in future posts. thanks cube.... 020107
ClairE Shuish. 020107
Syrope lol "why are we whispering?" ;) 020325
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