amy to boost good luck, eat it all without dropping any of those little pomegranate thingies on your lap 000420
moonshine oh! yeah, well I like the crimson red juice to roll down my lips and my chin , trickling down my neck and staining over my white virgin shirt and even all over my hands. Theres nothing like guilt. 000623
birdmad one night,
in the cemetery
that delineates the separation between two of the cities
shortly after halloween
we found a spot
and with bread and wine
sat and lit candles
around an ample-sized grave

the pomegranate shared
like Persepone's bond to Hades

and so for a dark winter
she kept me company
but then
her bright spring blossomed

and i sit waiting
in my netherworld
hoping she'll come back.
typhoid eating red fruit on a red couch
dripping red juice on a white shirt
Jae picking a fruit from a huge tree during christmas time and having the overwhelming feeling of peacefulness.
Ariadani capricorn_____pomegranate 020618
jane i wanted it to bleed all over the wooden countertop, to leave a permanent blood stain people would stare at & dare not ever ask about 050308
Clark Nova Reaching into the bowl, he took a handful of seeds and crushed them over her bare, pale skin satisfying both of their vampiric fantasies, his to be the predator and hers to be his victim. An unsuspecting interloper would have assumed that he had wounded her grievously to see the red splashes and rivulets coursing over her...

the last drop hung nearly weightless from the bottom of his clenched fist and she was glad she chose the black sheets, because while some stains would wash out easily, the pomegranate's signature would be nearly indelible
dries&hardens nature's juice box 060108
sirflaccid . 060109
jane dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate one second before awakening 060109
Freak it looks nothing like a fucking pomegranate 060112
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