me? I found her crying in the morning
Sitting in a chair
She was wrapping something up
And wrapping it with care

I did not mean to hurt her
When I fell asleep last night
I was just exhausted
From the act of being polite

Yes, I was just exhausted
From the act of being polite
miniver Hey. And I'm Canadian. We're the Nation of Politeness, right? I hadn't even thought of that...

I'm a middle child too, which always seems to have something to do with everything.
melvinwang generally, it's not very useful to be polite unless you have to suck up. no one hears what you truly believe, then. 010506
User24 you are polite at the expense of truth. 030602
minnesota_chris Rich Hatch is the snakeboy who won the first "Survivor." A corporate trainer by profession, he wrote a self-help book that has lots of good advice.

He wrote this about politeness:

Stop pretending to be so damned polite. In fact, just stop pretending. Being polite is being dishonest. It prevents people from interacting with each other in ways that are real, honest, and meaningful. While you're sitting there at a coctail party talking about "Isn't Jim's Beemer great?" and "Wasn't that party in the Hamptons the most fabulous?" you're taking time away from engaging in meaningful conversation where you might actually learn something, either about the person you're talking with or about yourself. Say something real and see where that takes you.

Don't trust nice people, they're not nice. For your own success and happiness, contemplate YOUR feelings about what somebody said or did or how a person is reacting to what you have said or done. Then respond to that feeling honestly.

(end quote) He's got some good advice, especially for a polite guy like me.
User24 I tend to adjust my tone immensly, depending on who I'm talking to. When I talk to myself, I find myself very hard to understand. 030603
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