laurieanderson is exactly like where you are right now only much much better 990729
whatever well it couldn't be much worse 000106
birdmad ...lost 000508
marjorie regained 000520
InTheWool i just got in from nirvana. go figure. 010428
distorted tendencies take me away to paradise. 010923
crawling back under my rock
the sentries with their burning swords

the memory of the image of her, bright and bare

and for my trespass i must crawl
the borg We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. 020106
P.I. 408 Les Seuls Vries Paradis Sont Les Paradis Perdus. ~ Proust 020328
screwing for virginity thats, beautiful. i jush i knew what it means 020623
screwing for viginity just, i mean just. i need to either spellcheck before i post, or not spellcheck after i post 020623
abia marie There is paradise on this earth, in a few places at the right time...
Paradise is gone as soon as one realizes that no one else can be as real as they.
Only a few souls I know are real, the rest must be illusions or hallucinations like the hateful ghosts that follow me everywhere.
Whitechocolatewalrus I don't really think there is such a thing as paradise, except maybe in your dreams. But even then, you have bad dreams that can take away the magicalness of the good dreams. The only paradise I have ever been to, is the one that doesn't exist. 031107
trixie I
Could be doing my homework
on a little book called
Paradise Lost
but I find the Devil too appealing
And I think that education is getting
Too many people say
This is book is "the greatest!"
And say John Milton is their
But, dude,
he wrote this book in
No one liked him
when he was alive.
Doesn't that make you sad?
And I don't think that
anyone likes him today.
They just know, "Hey,
he was a smart man.
Hey! this book is good."
So let's read it.
And tell everyone else to read it too.
That's annoying.
Because it is a good book
and he was smart
and meant to be read...
But I don't think anyone knows why.
That's all.
pete Pardes.. 040318
Death of a Rose pair a dice

gamble a bit
Just a thought If the road to hell is paved with good intentions
Then the road to paradise must be paved with callous pretention
anja where`s paradise, where`s heaven?
some things exist, if you believe in them or not
what's it to you?
who go