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. : * p s y b o r g * : . Andrew: (referring to Justin) "He likes you. He thinks you're hot. He wants to go out with you."
me: "Yeah, right. Liar."
kerry girls with sliver eyes and hair that falls in their face and you know they're full of shit because of the sound of their voice. you can just tell. 011207
music advertising signs that con you
into thinking you're the one
that can do what's never been done
that can win what's never been won
meantime life outside goes on
all around you

thanks bob dylan
frances farmer having her revenge come back as fire and burn all of 'em 020726
phil today 020729
jimc see liar 030514
my little secret See that long blonde hair and those carefully cut nails? You see that shirt and the gentle swell of her breasts? Don't look at her, she will draw you in. Those deep green eyes are vicious. Girls like that are liars. 030728
bloody trail liars are sad, they think they get what they want but they don't know what that is so whatever they get leaves them empty and alone...if you believe me 030828
a chaotic gift to idealism black is white
white is black
what's been done
i cant take it back
summer is here
the trees have gone brown
its all still true
things said to you
i cant even frown
pull aside to check for dead
pull aside to check my head
run over
step on
beat down

my worst nightmare
some self-righteous fuck
i wish i had a reason not to spit in your face
you make me want to take my own fucking life
just to get rid of you

there is nothing more i can say
there is nothing you can say
there's nothing we can say
there's nothing more to say
i fucking hate you any which way
no matter what is said
fucking liars
i hate you
there is nothing i wouldnt do to get rid of you
i would take my own fucking life
just to get rid of you !!
what's it to you?
who go