amy i'm not sure if Tess should be familiar, since it is questionable how much can take place outside the indigo room, but the fact of the matter is, that i can feel you quite strongly. 000107
jennifer wonder wonder wonder

like ten

it may be so

I'm not only jennifer
and I know that we are not always who we have been

so I wonder who tess was
amy oh.

see: rename.
jennifer and god said
bring it on
and it was so
wesleann it really pisses me off when i step onto the elevator and a vaguely familiar face starts talking to me like i've been their best friend for the past ten years, and i smile and nod but am all the time thinking, "umm....were you in my math class?" 000123
caite how come when you kiss me everywhere with those little almost-kisses-full-of-your-love-just-touching-the-surface it is of a familiar
like we were not meant to be together for this brief infatuous love but are together like we've been together for our years like i'm sixty four and you're still needing me and we've gone and lost our minds together i love you i love you i love you
insolence the biggest turn on of all,
is to think, my love,
that i might be holding you still, when we're sixty four years old...

and you'll still be every bit as beautiful to me...
j familiar is....the way my shoes feel. the way my bed feels. maybe that's why i don't like to sleep at other people's houses.
remember...house, not a home.
vogonical.diaryland.com Familiar to me has all the connotations of healthy and wholesome and wonderful. It's perfectly plausible for the negative to familiar, but it's not, not to me.

Familiar is comforting.
sarahafi I've bled through this before 030921
Bizzar Infatuation over strength
excite over comfort
lust over love?
I cannot be naive again.
I cannot let my vision fail.
That which shimmers,
isn't as precious
as whats experienced and worn in.
And no matter how beautiful it shines,
it isn't worth
what's underneath.

what I can't afford to lose.
no reason blather is seeming almost too familiar these days
i may eventually need to find a new place to whine
what's it to you?
who go